Not sure what the sex industry is? Or human trafficking for sexual exploitation? 

Follow this link to view our Quick Facts sheet on trafficking and the sex industry.  


Research and reports by other organisations: 

"Estimating the dark figure of human trafficking and slavery victimisation in Australia" - Australian Institute of Criminology 2019

"Global Slavery Index 2016" - The Walk Free Foundation, 2016

"Change the Story - Framework to Prevent Violence Against Women and Children"  - Our Watch, ANROWS, VicHealth 2016

"Royal Commission into Family Violence Report - Summary and Recommendations"  - March 2016, you can find the full report here

"Inquiry into people trafficking for sex work" - Parliament of Victoria 2010 

"Men Who Buy Sex: Who They Buy and What They Know" - Eaves, London 2009


Watch and Listen: 

The Age multimedia page on trafficking in persons - This is a useful resource for interviews with police, brothel operators, and trafficked women.

Listen to an interview with a young Thai woman who shares her experience of being trafficked to Australia.

Watch this 4 Corners investigation into sex slavery.

Watch "The Journey: A Short Film on Sex Trafficking" with Emma Thompson. Part 1 and Part 2

Trafficking in women: UNODC Public Service Announcement.