The wind is howling through the trees,

I hear a dog barking from a distance,

The whistle of a stream train,

I’m at a station, but which station?

There are no signs no lights.

I am alone, cold and in the dark


A train appears pulling in the dark

Slowly, smoke and stream covering the platform.

As the old train leaves there are people everywhere, women, children and men of all ages.

All bustling around going about their business,

People yelling to buy their produce, fruit & veg, old wares and second hand clothes.

I move towards a stall, though my feet don’t move,


I’m stuck, people walk through me like I’m not even there.

I am here, I yell, no one hears

The train I thought, I hear the same dog bark in the distance

But somehow it sounds closer this time,

The whistle, of the train it’s loud and seems to go on forever.

As it pulls in, I’m left alone again.


Cold, wet and in the dark.

I turn and a young child approaches me

And whispers in my ear

It’s your choice to stay alone.

By Simmone 

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