Community Lunch April 2021

The following was shared by one of the women who attended:

This Tuesday afternoon I had the pleasure of having lunch in the community. Project Respect we talk, distract me, give a lot of laughs. The lunch was delicious. I love the Mexican beans and banana dessert with cream. Thank you so much for the space was great.

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Community Lunch March 2020

Today we had a fantastic group of eight women at the lunch. There were returning attendees we had not seen for a while and it was great to catch up, share stories and laughs around the table. On the menu was toasted french bread with Camembert, ratatouille, french lentil stew, fennel salad and marinated olives, followed by a delicious dessert - rockmelon and cheesecake tart. We all left feeling full and content.

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Community Lunch February 2020

Today was our first lunch of 2020! On the menu we had freshly baked Turkish bread with a whipped feta and za'atar spread. We also had dolmades for the entree. For the main meal we ate grilled halloumi, salad and barley pilaf. This was topped off with rose and pistachio ice-cream for dessert. It was great to catch up with everyone after the break.

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Community Lunch 16

December's lunch was Christmas themed - we had crackers with bad jokes and candy canes. Lunch was lentil koftas with tzatziki, salad with roasted beetroot and goats cheese. There was also grilled halloumi, roasted zucchini, roasted tomatoes and toasted bread. We topped this off with a delicious pavlova and cherries for dessert.

We all look forward to attending the lunches in the new year.

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Community Lunch 15

November's lunch was nice and intimate with regular and returning attendees. On the menu we had an array of vegetables, salad, noodles, tempeh and a delicious pumpkin soup. This was followed by a chia, mango, coconut and honey pudding for dessert. We are looking forward to our next lunch - which will be Christmas themed and the last for the year. 

We were also gifted with amazing Sukin skincare products which were very appreciated. 

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Community Lunch 14

Well what a worthwhile day for me at Project Respect. I had my entry interview for the WAG and straight afterwards attended my first WAG meeting which was so stimulating and I came away feeling positively enlivened. 

What better way to follow this than with another delicious Community Luncheon?! The legendary chef spoilt us today with a sublime Mexican feast of tortilla chips, spicy roasted chilli (4 sorts!) and tomato dip, enchiladas with tomatillo, heavenly guacamole and finishing off with an incredible Mexican 3 milk cake and strawberries. Totally impeccable! Do I really have to go home and cook for my family tonight?! Surely they can fend for themselves.                               

Of course these luncheons are not just about delicious food, they are about sisterhood, support and friendship. Everyone in this organisation and, indeed, in this industry bring stories, life, love and acceptance to the table and for that we are all richer. 

Thank you Project Respect for hosting us every month, thank you Courtney for your amazing gift of delicious food and thank you ladies for your love and fellowship.

(Lunch attendee)

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Community Lunch 13

First week of Spring, the sun was shining and we had 8 women attend. A mixture of former and regular attendees.

On the menu we had sticky orange cauliflower, Japanese miso eggplant, salad, shortbread cookies and sweet potato cakes for dessert. 

The women mentioned how much they look forward to each monthly Community Lunch. 




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Community Lunch 12

What an amazing group of incredibly friendly women coming together at an awesome enterprise! I felt so honoured to be invited to my first luncheon at Project Respect and I was so excited to come along to meet members of a profession whom I admire immensely.

I worked as an escort for five years form age 45 to 49 ( 4 years ago ) while also doing other day jobs. It was a time of my life when I was privileged to meet many amazing strong women ( and some very descent, friendly men ) and this is why I am so very happy to discover Project Respect, with which I hope to get more involved as a volunteer.

I couldn't believe how warmly I was welcomed at the luncheon and how spoilt we were with delicious food, great company, and even a free manicure to boot! It feels like I've found a new family.

Do you know how we are all searching for a connection and a purpose in life? Well I think I may have found it here.

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Community Lunch 10

Today was my first lunch with Project Respect. I met workers from diverse cultural backgrounds and experiences of the sex industry. There were some positive and negative stories shared amongst my peers, it was a timely reminder about how workers in the industry require more rights and access to supports. Thank you Project Respect. (lunch attendee) 

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Community Lunch 9

This month the theme was Mexican. It was a complete feast! It was nice to be able to see the women after the break.
Great conversation in a nurturing women's space. It was a lovely afternoon with excellent food!

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