As a Project Respect consumer, you have the right to:

  • a service that is respectful and non-judgemental
  • receive high-quality service and support
  • a service that is culturally safe
  • actively participate in the planning about your care
  • have access to an interpreter at all times
  • be safe and free from harm, violence and preventable injury
  • refuse Project Respect’s services
  • know the identity and qualifications of staff providing your care
  • privacy
  • your personal information is treated confidentially and with respect
  • have lawful access to your information
  • make a complaint and have that complaint addressed efficiently

As a Project Respect consumer, your responsibilities are to:

  • provide complete and accurate information where appropriate to help us help you
  • accept the consequences of your own informed decisions
  • accept and act upon agreements we make
  • notify staff of any concerns you have about programs and service
  • respect and act safely towards Project Respect staff, volunteers, students and others using our services


Chart of Rights PDF, available to download and keep as a reference.