Community Lunch 12

What an amazing group of incredibly friendly women coming together at an awesome enterprise! I felt so honoured to be invited to my first luncheon at Project Respect and I was so excited to come along to meet members of a profession whom I admire immensely.

I worked as an escort for five years form age 45 to 49 ( 4 years ago ) while also doing other day jobs. It was a time of my life when I was privileged to meet many amazing strong women ( and some very descent, friendly men ) and this is why I am so very happy to discover Project Respect, with which I hope to get more involved as a volunteer.

I couldn't believe how warmly I was welcomed at the luncheon and how spoilt we were with delicious food, great company, and even a free manicure to boot! It feels like I've found a new family.

Do you know how we are all searching for a connection and a purpose in life? Well I think I may have found it here.