Community Lunch 14

Well what a worthwhile day for me at Project Respect. I had my entry interview for the WAG and straight afterwards attended my first WAG meeting which was so stimulating and I came away feeling positively enlivened. 

What better way to follow this than with another delicious Community Luncheon?! The legendary chef spoilt us today with a sublime Mexican feast of tortilla chips, spicy roasted chilli (4 sorts!) and tomato dip, enchiladas with tomatillo, heavenly guacamole and finishing off with an incredible Mexican 3 milk cake and strawberries. Totally impeccable! Do I really have to go home and cook for my family tonight?! Surely they can fend for themselves.                               

Of course these luncheons are not just about delicious food, they are about sisterhood, support and friendship. Everyone in this organisation and, indeed, in this industry bring stories, life, love and acceptance to the table and for that we are all richer. 

Thank you Project Respect for hosting us every month, thank you Courtney for your amazing gift of delicious food and thank you ladies for your love and fellowship.

(Lunch attendee)