Community Lunch One

The Women's Advisory Group (WAG) is a group of peers with lived experience in the sex industry and we run Project Respects community lunch. It is a space where women from all areas of the sex industry can come together to have their voices heard, support one another and have some fun! In the past the women used to cook but now we have a wonderful chef that will cook different cuisines each month that are all vegetarian. So there are no expectations and everyone is welcome to come along, relax and enjoy the afternoon!! 

A woman that attended the Community Lunch wrote:

"After a long two years Project Respect community lunches are back!! I attended the new and improved lunch that is now completely peer based including the welcoming host and exceptional chef, yes that’s right I said ‘chef’!!! The first lunch was an amazing success as many women arrived, some a little nervous, not knowing exactly what to expect but immediately the conversations started and the atmosphere filled with laughter, a sense of comradery and the smell of exquisite, fresh Mexican food. I sincerely enjoyed my day because it is a space where I can truly be myself with peers I can relate to, learn from and just share our different journeys and stories without any fear of stigma or judgement. I even enjoyed the ‘ice breaker’ game we played to get to know each other more, which is an activity I normally get quite anxious about but the support and compassion in the room allowed everyone to freely participate in their own way. So not only did we have delicious food and kick ass company but I also had the opportunity to meet old and make new friends."