Amplify women's voices

Sitting with women as they talked with Age journalist Bianca Hall, I was deeply impressed by how articulate and passionate they were. And also how tough it is to talk publicly about discrimination, violence and exploitation. Bianca is a trustworthy ethical journalist, but it's not always the case. So many women at Project Respect want to talk out about their experiences - for good and bad - in the sex industry, but they know it can be daunting. Given that, they've asked if we can organise media training. It's a great idea. I know some first-class media trainers who I am sure can help build women's confidence and skills to deal with the most difficult media interview - the only problem is that we don't have funds to organise it. Any help you can give us to run the training would be wonderful. 

Thank you! 

Kathleen Maltzahn

Founding Director

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