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COVID Update 

Victoria has gone into a snap lockdown from 11.59PM Thursday the 27th of May 2021, and will be extended for a further 7 days as of the 2nd of June 2021. Visit dhhs.vic.gov.au/coronavirus for further information on COVID-19 restrictions and keeping safe in Victoria. 

Sex industry businesses must close but Project Respect's support is still available through lockdown. Visit projectrespect.org.au/covid_19_response for further updates on Project Respect’s COVID-19 response and updates. 

Here is a stakeholder kit that includes multicultural social media post files and copy and a Guide to finding Support Services in Melbourne. Please these with your networks and let them know translated web content is available at www.coronavirus.vic.gov.au/translations. 


What's On at Project Respect 

We have a brand new newsletter this month which we are so excited to share with you! We hope our engaging new format keeps you up to date with everything happening at Project Respect and the latest opportunities we’ve come across. 

We also have a new section that is all about hearing your voice! We will be sharing something you find inspiring, motivating or meaningful like a song, a quote, some poetry, a story, or an image. To get involved please email [email protected] and we will anonymously include your contribution! 

Project Respect also has a new Feedback Form on our website where you can provide your compliments, complaints and ideas for improvement anonymously at any time. 


Community Lunch and Garden 

Feeling like some nourishment for the body and soul?  

Pending the lift of COVID-19 restrictions, our next Gardening days will be on Wednesdays 15/06 & 29/06 and Community Lunch is coming up on Tuesday 06/07. You are invited to join us to come and connect in our safe peer spaces, get your green thumb going or just pop in for a warm delicious meal. 

Last weeks community lunch on the couches by the warm heater was a great way to spend such a chilly day! 



Your Voice 

Our new section highlights what is meaningful to you. 

This month we have a quote which we hope will invite strength and peace in your mind during these challenging times. 

A strong woman isn’t defined by her ability to stay tough, cold and emotionless. A strong woman is defined by any woman who perseveres in the darkest of times, who supports other women instead of bringing them down and who finds strength within herself- Cate Waruguru 

To share your meaningful moment, email your contribution to [email protected]  

All contributions will be kept anonymous. 


What’s New - Recent Resources 

We’ve put together some new resources and opportunities for you below. 

Organisations and Support Services 

The Victorian Pride Centre 

The Victorian Pride Centre will be home to a range of LGBTIQ+ focused organisations, along with businesses who support the LGBTIQ+ community. Please see the directory to access full list https://pridecentre.org.au/resource-directory/  

Contact details 

Email: [email protected]  

Street Address: 79-81 Fitzroy Street, St Kilda, VIC 3182 



Go Girls Work Ready Program for 2021 
This four-month program assists women from diverse backgrounds to become work ready: women of all ages, women experiencing difficulty, women who are long term unemployed, woman who have experienced domestic violence and women from migrant backgrounds. 


If this sounds like something you might be interested in, you can attend the one-hour information session on Thursday 10 June at 10am, at the Mercy Hub, 607 Nicholson Street Carlton North. To register your attendance please call Rita on 0413 810 700. 


Toolkits and Resources 

DVRCV Gathering Support Booklet 

Our relationships and families are meant to provide us with love, support and a sense of safety. But there are many women and children in Australia who live with someone who hurts, frightens or controls them. This is not okay.  

This Gathering Support booklet from DVRC is great resource for women who have experienced a violent relationship and offers steps to help keeping women and children safe. 


Wesnet Online safety Resources 

Wesnet has a load of great tips and resources to help women staying safe online.  


ASRC Fact Sheet on TPV and SHEV Visas 

This information sheet outlines key information for people who have applied for their first Temporary Protection Visa (TPV) or Safe Haven Enterprise Visa (SHEV) under the Federal Government’s Fast Track Assessment process but who have not yet been interviewed about their application. 



Selfcare and wellbeing  

Free 30 day restorative yoga practice    

This is a 30-day yoga challenge focusing on restorative yoga styles which include supported yoga, yin yoga, and gentle yoga.  

This is a restorative yoga challenge to help offer the mind and body restoration and relaxation. These 30 classes are here to give you a moment to de-stress and let go finding relaxation and peace of mind. 



To find see our Ongoing Resources List for 2021, you can now access it any time with this link: https://www.projectrespect.org.au/resources_list_2021  


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