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If you are a women looking for support then please contact us on 0477 001 110.

Project Respect’s services are available to:
  • Anyone who identifies as a women in any area of the sex or adult entertainment industry, licensed or unlicensed
  • Women who are currently in the industry, or who have been involved previously
  • Women wanting to stay in the industry or women looking to reduce their hours
  • All women regardless of immigration, visa, residency or citizenship
  • Relatives and friends who are seeking information and support about the sex industry
All our services are non-judgemental, confidential, free, have no waiting period and do not require a referral
  • We provide:
  • Visits to brothels to provide information and support
  • Telephone based advice,
  • information and ongoing support
  • Referrals to other organisations
  • Support for women to reduce hours or move away from the industry
  • Intensive support for women trafficked
  • A friendly, knowledgeable woman to support and listen to you
  • Advocacy for your rights
  • Healthy community lunches
  • Flexible student placement opportunities
  • Volunteer opportunities including with our Women’s Advisory Group
  • Free interpreting services

You can access our services anonymously however, if you require a referral to an external organisation, we will need to collect some of your details.