The Women's Advisory Group (WAG) is a peer-led space, which consists of women with current and past, as well as diverse experiences of the sex industry. 

The WAG meet once per month at the Project Respect office, and on a needs basis, should there be a specific reason to convene, such as meetings for specific consultations with national, state or local policy makers or agency staff.  

The role of the WAG is to ensure Project Respect’s work remains informed by women with experience of the sex industry, and to provide the platform to amplify women’s voices and experiences.

The WAG provide: 

  • advice about the sex industry
  • strategic direction in the development, implementation and sustainability of Project Respect’s strategies, operational plans and programs
  • advice and feedback in the implementation of strategies and programs
  • advice and feedback on identified and emerging risks and advise on their prevention, mitigation and management.

The WAG provides the members with skills development opportunities. WAG members learn how to chair meetings and take minutes in a formal setting. 

Membership to the WAG provides members with tangible work outcomes, with the opportunity to be paid to host the Project Respect Community Lunch once per month.  

The WAG was established in March 2017 and currently has 5 active members. 

If you have experience of the sex industry*, identify as a woman** and are interested in joining the WAG, please get in touch via [email protected] The selection process is informal, however any potential candidate will need to meet with the current WAG members. 


*The sex industry is loosely defined as involvement in brothel, escort, street, massage industry and, dancers. However, should a women identify as having being involved in the sex industry, she is eligible to become a WAG member.

**Women are defined by women who self-identify as women.