When you donate to Project Respect, you enable our work to support women and gender diverse people with experiences in the sex industry, women and gender diverse people with experiences of trafficking for sexual exploitation. You stand alongside women and help achieve a world free from sexual exploitation. 

A regular donation of:

  • $25 supports food vouchers for women experiencing acute financial distress
  • $30 supports Lived Experience Advisory Group, enabling a platform for women's lived experiences to be heard 
  • $250 provides translation of resources
  • $500 enables us to provide one peer led community gathering
  • $1,000 on average provides an episode of support to a service user, including safety planning for a women experiencing violence or mental health distress
  • $2,500 on average provides an episode of support to a service user who has experienced trafficking for sexual exploitation of slavery like conditions

No matter how small or large, we use every donation wisely to make the biggest impact possible for the women we support. 

You can make a one-off donation on this page or make a monthly donation.

Project Respect has Deductible Gift Recipient Status 1. All donations over $2.00 are tax deductible. 

Project Respect is a registered charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission. 

Donation Options

Shout For Good via the black button, or through PayPal at the form below. 

* Shout For Good takes no commission on donations, meaning more of your donation goes directly to Project Respect.

* A donation commission is deducted by PayPal (including when PayPal is used as a payment method within Shout For Good).