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Who We Are

Project Respect is an intersectional feminist, non faith based organisation.
We are a specialised support service and peer community for women with experience in the sex industry
, including those who have experienced trafficking. 
We position trafficking and sexual exploitation as a global, gendered and structural issue.

What We Do

- We connect to and create community -
- We offer free, confidential, non-judgemental support -
- We provide safe community lunch and gardening activities -
- We amplify the voices of women with diverse lived experiences -
- We build the capacity of workforces to provide appropriate support -

Our Mission

Our primary mission is to support women in the sex industry, including women who have experienced trafficking and advocate for the structural change needed to end all forms of sexual exploitation.

We provide a platform to elevate and amplify the voices of, while also being informed and guided by, women with past and present lived experience.


How You Can Help

You can donate to Project Respect today to make a difference or learn about the other ways you can get involved.


Project Respect
Project Respect