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Who We Are

Project Respect is an intersectional feminist, non faith based organisation.
We are a specialised support service and peer community for women and gender diverse people with experience in the sex industry
, including experiences of trafficking for sexual exploitation. 
We position trafficking and sexual exploitation as a global, gendered and structural issue.

What We Do

- We connect to and create community -
- We offer free, confidential, non-judgemental support -
- We provide safe community lunch and gardening activities -
- We amplify the voices of women with diverse lived experiences -
- We build the capacity of workforces to provide appropriate support -

Our Purpose

- Provide support to women and gender diverse people with experience in the sex industry to achieve self-directed goals, including equitable access to services -
- Provide support to women and gender diverse people who have experienced trafficking for sexual exploitation, whether current, historic, international or domestic -
- Advocate for structural change to end sexual exploitation -

We provide a platform to elevate and amplify the voices of, while also being informed and guided by, those with past and present lived experience.


How You Can Help

You can donate to Project Respect today to make a difference or learn about the other ways you can get involved.


Project Respect's statement on the Voice

Project Respect supports the call for an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice to Parliament through the lens of self-determination.  

It is time to truly listen to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people about the decisions that affect them. The referendum is a request directly from Indigenous Australians that has been decades in the making and is supported by more than 80% of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community. 

This referendum is about straightforward ideas and practical solutions: 

- Recognising and respecting 65,000 years of Indigenous culture for the first time in Australia’s 122-year-old constitution. 
- Listening to a diverse group of Indigenous Australians about the policies and challenges that affect them. 
- Protecting the Voice from future politics and bureaucrats by putting it in the constitution.

A ‘yes’ vote takes us on the first steps towards the vision of truth and treaty. 

The alternative is to retain the status quo. The gaps between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians in life expectancy, infant mortality, health, housing, education and employment have persisted for too long.  

We have a once in a lifetime opportunity to begin to improve this - together. 


Project Respect
Project Respect