Project Respect is a support and referral service for women in the sex industry, including women who have experienced trafficking. We support women to access essential services. 

Project Respect’s Vision is a world where women are free from trafficking, sexual exploitation, violence and harm.

Project Respect’s primary mission is to support women in the sex industry, including women who have experienced trafficking and advocate for the structural change needed to end all forms of sexual exploitation.

We provide a platform to elevate and amplify the voices of, while also being informed and guided by, women with past and present lived experience.

We are an intersectional feminist organisation, with all advocacy, support and programs embodying a feminist philosophy.

We position trafficking and sexual exploitation as a global, gendered and structural issue.

Our work is women-centred, collaborative, inclusive and respectful of women’s decisions.

Our strong evidence-base supports proactive and courageous work to advance human rights for women.

Project Respect support is available for people who self-identify as a woman (aged 18 and over), including all LGBTQIA+ women as well as gender diverse and non-binary people, and have been involved in any part of the sex or adult entertainment industry, including experiences of trafficking.


Project Respect is an Accredited Community Organisation against the Human Services Standards, and a registered Charity with the ACNC.

QIP Accredited


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