You can contact Project Respect via:

Phone: (03) 9416 3401
Email: [email protected]
Address: PO BOX 1323, Collingwood 3066
Facebook: ProjectRespectMelbourne 

If you are a women looking for support, please contact us via the telephone number above. Further information about the type of support provided is available on the Women in the Sex Industry Looking For Support page. 

If you are a service provider looking to develop your workforce capabilities through customised training, or a frontline worker looking for professional development opportunities, please visit our workforce development and training page

If you’re a student or looking for more information, please check out our resources page and the about us page. If there’s more information you’re after, please email us at [email protected] 

If you are looking to volunteer with Project Respect follow this link and sign up today! 

Or if you are feeling particularly generous and wishing to donate to Project Respect click here.