At Project Respect, we advocate for women’s rights against violence, trafficking and exploitation. We believe that all women have the right to feel safe and respected. We are fundamentally for and about women's rights and needs. We are committed to doing what is needed to achieve a world free from sexual exploitation.

Project Respect does not advocate for the ‘Nordic Model’. Please see below for our most recent submissions and media releases, alongside some of our submissions from prior years which are provided for historical context.

** Note: We have been made aware that documents that were prepared in past years by Project Respect, including and especially "position statements" that no longer represent the views of Project Respect, are available on external websites that are not authorised or endorsed by Project Respect in the present day. We particularly caution that documents hosted on "Cloudfront" or other similar external hosting sites continue to be posted without the approval or endorsement of Project Respect. We do not have access to these sites and have been unsuccessful in having some documents removed. 

We do not endorse quotation in others' position papers or research, any documents purported to be Project Respect documents that are hosted on Cloudfront hosting sites. 

Further, we do not endorse the practice of 'archive copies' of images of prior website pages of Project Respect being made available without our permission and note that this practice is in breach of our intellectual property rights. 

We encourage you to take the time to contact us directly to discuss any potential quotation of our papers in material you are compiling.  

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