Community Newsletter

Project Respect has a monthly newsletter for women with experience in the sex industry. You can check it out here and have a read for some updates, recommendations and great resources.



We have an Instagram for women with experience in the sex industry. We post updates, our community activities, as well as some great resources on our page and stories.

Our has some quick links for you to quickly connect to handy resources.

Women's Advisory Group

The Women's Advisory Group (WAG) is a peer-led space, which consists of women with current and past, as well as diverse experiences in the sex industry, including the adult entertainment industry and experiences of trafficking.

The WAG: 

  • provide advice and feedback about the sex industry, risks and the implementation of strategies and programs
  • provide strategic direction in the development, implementation and sustainability of our strategies, operational plans and programs
  • gain skill development in formal workplace settings, contributing to tangible work outcomes
  • ensure Project Respect’s work remains informed by women with experience in the sex industry, and to provide the platform to amplify women’s voices and experiences

If you are interested in joining the WAG, please get in touch via [email protected]


We provide outreach to women in the sex industry, including women who have experienced trafficking. At the centre of our delivery is our outreach to licensed brothels in the Greater Melbourne Region where we deliver information to women on their rights and our services, ensuring women know we are available - without judgement - should they need us. Contact us to discuss Project Respect delivering outreach to our local area or sex industry business via email at [email protected]